is the process of returning a Factory fitted or Original Equipment (OE) manufactured new part back to the same standards (or better ) as when it was first made. This is only really possible through skilled and experienced technicians using OE parts, using the latest machinery and testing equipment in a dedicated environment. This ensures the integrity and quality of our parts.


The remanufacture of the power steering boxes manufactured by Adwest and TRW Gemmer that are fitted to Land Rover vehicles, represent particular problems over most other fully integral power steering boxes.

People say; “They always leak from the bottom sector shaft seal”
This is certainly a very, very common problem, but by no means the only problem.
Yes, the bottom seal very often leaks, the reason for this, is that water gets onto the shaft just below the oil seal, it causes corrosion, the corrosion damages the seal, in freezing weather the water in the corrosion pits freezes, and these ice blobs tear the seal, which is why the problem shows up more in winter.

The majority of steering boxes, for instance on Japanese 4x4 vehicles, are of a “recirculating ball type”, the net effect of this design is that there are four places that oil may leak from the unit, and one point of adjustment.

With the design of the Adwest and Gemmer units, “which is worm and roller, there are six places that may leak oil, and three points of adjustment. If these three adjustments are not made correctly, there is lost motion, or alternatively, excessive wear in the box. There is another problem with the pinion shaft, there is no bearing support directly below the pinion seal, if the pinion runs out of true it has no support and will not run centrally to the oil seal, resulting in leaks.

However, the most important thing when rebuilding power steering units, is the skill of the technician. We do not employ people who work on a “monkey see, monkey do basis”. we employ the best.
Any technician not producing consistently reliable work is taken out and shot!